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Sometimes I just sit and wonder what they say about me. I just wonder. I wondered as I sat listening to them judge others.

My FairyGodmother always reminds me not to care what others think. That I should do what I want to do, regardless. But being the Capricorn that I am, I tend to over analyse situations and read too much in between those lines.

Do they see me as a hopeless romantic? That I see the world all roses and cream when they say that it is a scary place where the big bad wolves prey for its victims.

I just sat there, and I listened to them say how  we shouldn’t do this and we shouldn’t do that . Or maybe we  should not do anything at all?

Don’t take risks in life, become social recluse and let life go by as we sit by the window and watch.

I wanted to scream. Wanted to scream from the top of my lungs and tell the two to just let others lead their life they way they want to. To let them write their life history, and their life story; every sadness, every laughter and every tears and make it public should they decide to.

But I didn’t. I just sat there instead, quietly seething and wishing that I could have said what I wanted to say.

And the day went on as usual and at the end of it, I am still a hopeless romantic; I choose to see the world and the people in a multitude of happy colours.

That’s not so bad now is it?