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I believe that we all have those moments when we feel that life is pulling us in different directions at one time. Those time when you feel like your head is about to explode and you wish that there are more hours in a day.

It is one of those moments for me.

The next few months will certainly be a challenging uphill battle. The office is moving to Putrajaya in a few weeks and we’re in the midst of packing. Apart from that, I’m to start attending my postgraduate class in UM tomorrow. A.full.day.of.class. The last time I sat in a class the whole day was 11 years ago. That long. I doubt my bottom is up for that nowadays. It’s the age thing.

It doesn’t stop there. I took up a Diploma Course in Translation with the Malaysia Translation Association and Dewan Bahasa Pustaka early in the year which was scheduled to end early this month. Was being the operative here. Was supposed to and currently, not happening as planned. Pushing a few classes back because of a few holidays, I am due to attend three more classes every Saturday and exam for this particular course will be somewhere in December.

Two different courses, work and life.


Too much on this little plate of mine.

Wish me luck!

p/s: maybe I’ll meet The One on campus? ;-) A girl can dream.